Making Music & Sharing​ Joy

Courage Freedom Love Music 

A free spirit singing out 

a message of love...

Dara is a singer/songwriter living in beautiful northern Saskatchewan. 

Her music reflects who she is...honest, earthy, courageous and joyful.

Dara is filled with passion and purpose and on a mission to make her message and her music come to life.

what people are saying...

Colin Jolly - Founder of Napatak Ramble

 "Dara is a beast! She is the type of player that makes everyone around her better. It's amazing to witness. She is a true musician and it radiates in her soul."

George Randolph - Founder of Randolph School of the Arts

"Her voice is golden."

Jeffery Straker - Canadian Singer/Songwriter

"Quite likely the best singer I know"

Matt Klassen - Highmark Holdings

"The grace of an angel with the power of a freight train. Her voice amazes me."

Hilary Johnstone - Freelance Canadian Visual Artist

"Powerful, sounds like the songs have been sung for decades yet are brand new. The words are poetic, sung with a super voice and expression."